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Things are officially picking up on Season 6 of New York’s installment of the Love and Hip-Hop franchise. On tonight’s episode B.B.O.D. finally have gone their separate ways with each member already choosing who will be their managers for their “solo careers”. Lexxy decides to stick the “stiletto whisperer” Rah and Moe takes her “talents” over to Yandy’s team. So much for thot thot thot licious.


Amina is coping with the decision of having to abort the baby she was carrying from Peter. Having learned of the abortion Peter goes back home ( down the hall) to comfort Amina cause he feels awful about losing the baby.


All hope isn’t lost thought cause with the one loss comes another gain. Tara goes to see Dr.Jeff to discuss her issues with Peter and reveals that she is 5 and half months pregnant by the proud member of the creep squad.


Tara has since displayed to the world just how happy she is to be bringing another child into the world with a married man.

DJ Self is still working on his relationship with Yorma and introduces her to his 16-year-old daughter Kayla. Things are looking good for the couple until Rose steps into the picture. She is dead set on sampling Self’s goods and unfortunately self can’t resist the temptation.


Remy Ma and the “stiletto expert” Rah Ali’s friendship deteriorates at Rah’s fashion show for her line of maxi dresses. That’s right, you read right a  fashion show for maxi dresses.

rSOffg9Things don’t get any better for Rah when her two new artists Mariahlynn and Lexxy bump heads after Mariahlynn’s performance of her song “Money Gun”. Lexxy wasn’t too happy to see Mariahlynn getting “shine” and confronts Rah and Mariahlyyn about it. A fight ensues over mediocrity that will pick up on the next episode of Love and Hip-Hop.


Now like we always do here at the SFPL we go searching for the best memes, that accurately describe the foolishness that went on tonight. Of course we struck gold, you guys on the net never let us down. Peep the hilarious memes in the gallery below.

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