Our Condolences: Celine Dion’s Husband René Angélil Dies at 73

(Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage)
(Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage)

Celine Dion‘s longtime husband, manager, and musician René Angélil has been fighting throat cancer for a number of years now, and unfortunately it got the best of him Thursday morning at his Las Vegas home.

Celine stepped down from her Las Vegas residency in 2014 just two months after her husband could no longer handle management duties due to his throat cancer, which he was first diagnosed in the late 90’s. His condition worsened as he ended with a feeding tube, Dion told USA Today in March.

Celine returned a year later to her Vegas stage thanks to encouraging words from René.

She told ABC’s Deborah Roberts during her announcement of her comeback:

“I’m doing it for him. I’m doing it for my fans. We have a ticket to live. We have a ticket to ride. We’re living, so let’s live. Let’s go.”

He and Celine got married in 1994. René leaves behind his seeds, son René-Charles in [born in 2001] and twin boys Nelson and Eddy [born in 2010].

Photo by: Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage

Source: EW


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One reply on “Our Condolences: Celine Dion’s Husband René Angélil Dies at 73”

My heart goes out to Celine Deon & her children. I’m a true fan of yours and truly know how much you loved your husband. My deepest sympathy!


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