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Cash Money Records and Birdman‘s protege, Jacquees stopped by the SFPL TV studio to give us a quick introduction and his plans to take over the music industry with his own personal sound, musicality and style.

Singing since the age of 12 and now 21 years old, Jacquees musical influences ranges from the likes of: Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Hot Boys, Jodeci, Usher, Bobby Brown and more.

Jacquees has a total of 5 mixtapes that he dropped independently, which eventually landed him on the Billboard charts during the release of his 4th mixtape. He eventually got signed to the Cash Money conglomerate once debuting his 5th mixtape project.

On working consistently in the studio with his idol, Chris Brown:

We had a lot of fun, just working on records, writing records, hanging out — just doing what we do. That’s my homie, my big brother. We got a lot of stuff on the way. That was like one of the biggest moments of my career.

Jacquees also mentioned that he and Birdman also has a joint mixtape on the way titled Lost At Sea, which is due out at the top of the year. He also admitted to leaking two records in support of the joint project: “B.E.D.” & “Bounce“.

Recently, Jacquees was granted access to be apart of the BET Music Matters roster where he got a chance to perform in New York at the legendary hotspot SOB’s for the established music series.

Check out the full interview below:

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