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Controversial R&B singer R. Kelly has been out pushing his new album The Buffet pretty hard, even uploading videos to YouTube and Facebook begging for his fans to support the record.


Today, however, Kelly’s campaign took an unplanned detour when the 48-year-old made an appearance on The Huffington Post live for a Q&A during which the show’s host took questions from Twitter.


Yeah, not a good idea.

Twitter trolls showed no mercy as they supported his music and shamed his accusations all in 140 characters each.

The singer was visibly annoyed, and managed to keep his cool as he insisted he is still loved by fans worldwide — despite the sex scandal charges.

After a while, after voicing his feelings of disrespect and negativity, Kelly calmly took off his mic, told the world he was going to McDonalds, hopefully to purchase a McRib, and wished love to all his fans and the host.

The host reply?

“You don’t need to give me any of your love sir”.

Watch it below…


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