Recently, Gospel Artist Deitrick Haddon stopped by SFPL TV to drop some knowledge and gave an exclusive LIVE performance of his hit track “Under Control.”

During the interview, Deitrick spoke on the state of gospel music, Kanye West and Drake wanting to do a gospel track but possibly being pushed away, why gospel artists aren’t crossing over due to lack of artistry, and so much more. Everyone should definitely pay close attention to this interview, as Haddon laid the true on the line.

What Deitrick says about the Gospel genre/Artists when asked; “why the music seems to be very stagnant, and going unnoticed in recent times?”:

I believe we have to be more creative. I think we need to bring the art back to gospel music. An artist to express themselves; on stage, the lights, what are you rocking, what are you wearing, what’s your presentation — we’ve kinda fell off from presentation — we put on our suits & ties and we’re just like…”C’mon and lift you hands” [in his Preacher voice]…and that’s it, [he shrugs]. Honestly, we get on Sunday morning. EVERY Sunday morning. So, i’m not going to buy a ticket to your concert when I get that for free on Sunday. But if you express yourself as an artist, people are attracted to your art, and they will come see that because they can’t see that on Sunday. But, it takes bold talent to come out and say; “I’m an artist, that’s who I am. And i’m doing it for Gospel music, doing it for God, but i’m doing it the way I see it, and the way I hear it.” So we gotta get back to that. And that’s my mission now, i’m saying: “Hey y’all, let’s not allow this tradition to smother our creativity.”

Wise words from Deitrick!

Check out the FULL interview and a LIVE performance of his song “Under Control” below:

“Under Control” is from Deitrick’s latest album Masterpiece available now.

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