This week’s episode of Empire was very eventful. Hakeem got challenged by Lucious’ artist Freda to a freestyle battle, Jamal was caught in between his parents telling him who’s beat he should use to present to Pepsi so he can become the face of the brand. Anika A.K.A Boo Boo Kitty, found out she was pregnant with one of the Lyon’s men baby. Hakeem won the freestyle battle, Lucious and Cookie’s beat were both used for Jamal’s song. Anika got pushed to the friend zone by Hakeem, plus tried to kidnap Laura (Hakeem’s artist and “girlfriend). Plus Vivica A. Foxx FINALLY made her appearance as Cookie’s sister. Throughout the episode the good people of Instagram, generated a few hilarious memes. Check out the 18 hilarious memes from Empire S 2, Ep. 8 after the jump.

– Stay Fly

Fly Girl Dominique

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