“Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang.” After tonight’s episode that will be in your head all week. Tonight’s episode was very entertaining, Cookie slept with the enemy numerous times, which has everyone questioning if she seen that tattoo at all since they were in bed for a few days. Hakeem tried to get his ex-girlfriend Tiana to help his new girlfriend Guadalupe to break out of her shell. Cookie made a deal with the people who kidnapped Hakeem. Andre is currently losing his mind and Jamal is lost in the sauce trying to perfect his songs, which is hwy  he is seeking help from Cookie with out Lucious knowing. Lucious is still trying to perfect his boom, boom, bang, bang song with Fantasia Loaf A.K.A Freda. But it doesn’t stop there, although the episode itself was entertaining, the memes on Instagram were more entertaining. Check out these 18 hilarious memes from tonight’s episode of Empire after the jump.

– Stay Fly

Fly Girl Dominique

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