Gearing up for her upcoming sophomore LP Joyride, while having one heck of a year touring with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, triple-threat talent Tinashe debuts her new video “Player” featuring Chris Brown — and she did it all right in the middle of NYC’s Times Square.


Right before the transition to the premiere destination, the singer selected a few fans, along with some media conglomerates (including SFPL) and personally invited them on a private party bus ride to Times Square.

Tinashe signed autographs, took usie’s, pics and more with every single fan including a few that spotted her from the outside of the bus! It was such a great sight to see and we were happy to be onboard to experience it.


As soon as, Tinashe hit the pavement of the historic landmark, Times Square, she gravitated to fans immediately taking more pics and signing autographs.

At this point, it was premiere time as the new visual played at exactly 4:30pm on the dot! Tinashe was ecstatic!



Congrats to Tinashe on yet another successful video!

Check it out below in FULL:



Pictures by Gabriel Williams (of SFPL)

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