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After some speculation after Rapper Future was spotted with (we don’t know what her title is tho…) Blac Chyna at an after party during Howard’s homecoming weekend, Chyna has taken her talents to IG to attempt to spark an even larger buzz surrounding the ‘alleged’ couple.


We don’t know if we believe her tho …


The former stripper and mother of rapper Tyga Jenner‘s son, King Cairo took to Instagram to post her new tattoo that allegedly reads “FUTURE”…

Screen shot 2015-06-28 at 8.45.20 PM

…and she added the caption, “Thought it was a drought” , referring to lyrics from his ever popular DS2 album track of the same name.


And if that wasn’t enough of …. nothing lol, Chyna posted the picture on Ciara‘s birthday.



The thing is, we’ll believe it after seeing Future’s tattoo. I mean the purpose of professing your love to someone with a tattoo is to actually have them return the favor. Other than that it’s like buying a wedding ring for yourself.

FYI, Ciara is the Mom of Future’s last child. Super FYI, two of Future’s children have been birthed by Ex-Strippers.

As far as Ciara is concerned…


She was busy celebrating her joint birthday with Angie B (Beyonce’s cousin) in the presence of the Queen bey herself, Kelly Rowland, LaLa, Serena Williams and her boo, Russell Wilson, just to name a few,

We don’t think she noticed Chyna’s post.

-Stay Fly!

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