Last Night In NYC: Phony PPL Performs at JBL In-Studio Launch Event



This week, JBL celebrated the launch of its ‘Pulse 2’ portable speaker with an invite-only listening session at the Harman Flagship Store (JBL’s parent company) in Manhattan.


Brooklyn-based band Phony Ppl took the stage to perform brand new tracks off of their yet-to-be-named upcoming album (scheduled to hit shelves later this year), as well as the favorites “Why iii Love the Moon” and “End of the niGht” from their latest album Yesterday’s Tomorrow. The band brought their unique blend of genres and live musicianship as influencers, music lovers and tech enthusiast listened-on.


Inside the store,  guests were able to demo JBL’s line of headphones and speakers including the recently released ‘Pulse 2’, which provided a custom show, filling the room lights of various hues that synced with the live music.

Guests sipped cocktails, enjoyed small bites and snapped pictures inside the #JBLinStudio photobooth while DJ Wonder provided the rest of the sounds for the evening.

For more information on the Pulse 2 visit

Photos by J Martin Visuals

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