Hotline Bling #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat

Last night in case you were under a rock or lost in a “galaxy far, far away” Drake dropped the video for his club smash and currently the most freestyled record “Hotline Bling”. This go around Drake brought out his dancing shoes and the internet LOVED it and went ham with it. Hit the jump to see the hilarious reaction to Drake’s dance moves.

Drake is the king of springing things on us late at night isn’t he? Clearly he didn’t want Star Wars to steal all of the thunder and dropped the visual for the infectious tune “Hotline Bling” on Apple Music. The colorful visual directed by Director X is pretty simple and opens up with what is perceived to be a phone sex line, with a lot of beautiful women manning the switchboards. We then cut to Drake and when that beat drops… his feet get to dancing, peep the video below.

How about those dance moves?  Lets revisit them again in glorious gif form.

Hotline Bling #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat

We got a “dab”

Hotline Bling #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat

This interesting move here.

Hotline Bling #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat

Oh and of course some dirty dancing. Kanye would be proud of these dance moves as Drake does look like he graduated from Ye’s school of dancing. Now you know the internet wasn’t going to let Drake and his dance moves slide without them having fun with the moment. The internet gave us #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat and now we have #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat  and it’s pretty amazing. Look at this one for example:


They say if you can put a video’s dance moves to a number of different beats it’s a sign of good choreography. We scoured the gram for the best #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat mash-ups for you and we struck internet gold. Hit the gallery below to see these hilarious videos that even Drake would have to appreciate himself.

Source: Instagram


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