The Martian Movie Review

Team SFPL got a chance to see Ridley Scott’s film adaptation of Andy Weir’s story of space survival The Martian starring Matt Damon early. Hit the jump to find out if the this deep space story is worth you digging deep in your pockets.

Ever wondered what would you do if you got left behind on a barren planet? Can’t say we have pondered that situation ourselves but Ridley Scott manages to bring to life the scenario Weir illustrated in his novel The Martian. Scott is no stranger to space travel in his movies with classics such as Alien and Prometheus under his belt already. Those films already dove into the idea of deep space travel, cryogenic sleep and killer Aliens with acid for blood. This story is a much more realistic approach to the idea of space and Humans traveling about the vast universe.

The Martian Movie Review

The Martian tells the story of NASA botanist Mark Watney (Matt Damon) who gets left behind by his crew after he gets impaled by a communications antenna during a sandstorm that forces an early evacuation. The crew believes Mark is dead, but thanks to the antenna and his own blood he lives through the traumatic experience.

The Martian Movie Review

Even with the odds seemingly stacked against him, Mark still manages to stay in good spirits and puts his brain to work. He decides the only way he’s going to make it off the planet is by …

The Martian Movie Review

Hey you have to be some sort of genius to work for NASA right? His mission while on Mars was to figure out if plants could grow in a harsh environment like Mars without water (we found it that there is water on mars) and  fertilizer. What a better time to find out if they can now grow on the red planet.  With only 400 sols ( martian days) of food to last him which is not enough being that the next mission to mars is 4 years away Mark has to think fast. Mark does his best Macgyver impression by building a make shift garden using recycled human waste as fertilizer, thanksgiving potatoes and rocket fuel to generate water. So yes indeed he definitely “science the shit out of his situation” .

The Martian Movie Review

Mark may be alone on the planet itself but he’s got the world behind him and watching and  rooting for his safe return. Jeff Daniels channels his inner Will Mcavoy from The Newsroom as he plays the director of NASA Teddy Daniels.  Teddy kind of feels like a villain of the film sometimes but then he gives you the feeling he’s not. Then again the real villain of this movie the red planet itself Mars. Marks crew eventually finds out that he is still alive and with the help of the big brains down at NASA specifically Donald Glover’s it’s a race against time and space to save Mark.

Final Verdict

The Martian takes the same premise of Gravity and triples the hopelessness as Matt is millions of miles away from home. Matt manages to make the most out of his plight and comes off as a lovable nerd who you just have to root for. The Martian is a perfect blend of humor, action, sci-fi and drama,the cast is amazing and we really liked Donald Glover’s super nerdy performance. Even though he’s not in the movie that much he quickly reminds us that he’s not just a rapper and can act with the best of them. Kristen Wiig even puts on her serious acting face for this film and still  manages to infuse the humor we have come to know her for in her films. With the Academy Awards approaching looks like another film taking place in space is going to rack up. With that said The Martian is well worth your time and gets a huge #WELIKE from the The SFPL, it is a nerds dream movie. We haven’t had manned space mission her in the USA since 2011 but with recent findings on Mars this movie might get the program started again.

The Martian Movie Review

So grab your bae this weekend and hit the movies to see this one, you won’t be disappointed.

4 out 4

CAST:  Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Kate Mara, Michael Peña, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Donald Glover.

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