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Fame seems to comes with a price of many situations and occurrences, especially when your career goes 0 to 100 in a matter of months. Expressing his feelings on a few subjects at hand, Roc Nation‘s Vic Mensa sits with Nylon Guys to discuss Kanye West, God, Music Critics and Near-Death experiences.

Check out some excerpts from the interview below:

You recently tweeted “Lord, please guard me from hating ass journalists.” Were you referring to anyone specifically?
I had just stumbled upon an album review for one of Cudi’s albums, and I’m not Kid Cudi, but I was just reading his shit. I’m just reading the article on Cudi and how it compares him to Kanye; saying that this album isn’t up to par, and I’m just like, “Fuck whoever sat down to write that.” Taking their time to just shit on somebody’s talent, when they themselves don’t even have any talent.
Why do you think there is so much animosity towards artists in the world?  
Criticism is either a private game or a show. And it’s something you got to live with. But when you’re in a certain position all anybody can do in most people’s situations is form an opinion. They can. They eat you. They can create to a level that rivals you. All they can really do is have an opinion. And I have a really red sensor on my arm that has a red circle with Kenny H; the word Kenny H, with a red line over it. Like fuck you with an 8 that’s where my head is at. It’s just been that I know what’s up. I trust myself and I’m not here to be pushed around at the mercy of other people’s opinions.
Do you believe in God?
I think, subconsciously, I do. I’ve had some crazy near death experiences. I’m not a religious person, but that kind of shit will make you believe in something, you know?
I fell off of a bridge [after being electrocuted] by fifteen thousand volts of electricity. I’ve talked about that one a lot of times. But, I got in a car crash one time where I totaled my mom’s car going back from the studio at 7am. I fell asleep at the wheel and hit a light pole and the car spun out and went backwards across the road and crashed into a tree. When I got out, I caved in and I got on my hands and knees and started praying. I’m not very religious, but like I said, this kind of shit will make a man believe.
How do you define the concept of God through that spiritual understanding?
To me, the concept of God is acceptance and understanding that there is something bigger and more powerful than ourselves in this universe, however it manifests itself. But I don’t tie myself to it. I’m pretty distant, you know? Any God that rebukes people that believe in another God can’t be real to me.
You’ve been working with Kanye, recently. How has that experience been going?
I’ve loved working with Kanye. I’ve always looked up to him, so you know being in a place where I can get his real opinion about the work that I do is amazing.
What’s a life lesson he’s taught you? 
Kanye made sure that I recognize that people don’t want to see me win. I’m always going to have opposition and people that want to hold me back and who want to watch me fail. I got to move forward with the strength to not be knocked off of my pivot.

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