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Tunsy is the new wave for the ultimate online shopping experience.

This app introduces us to personal shopping gone mobile, something similar to mobile banking but for the fashionable — like us! Providing great features like a built-in check out process for just about any brand and retailer imaginable. Most importantly showing us we can use our own preferences in retailer, price point and discount to get those fab finds in our closet. If that’s not enough their speedy online customer service team is able to help all from within the app.


The seemingly effortless shopping experience has fashion fiends buzzing with excitement. Having enrolled thousands of subscribers Tunsy strives to give everyone that specific attention that they need to make sound decisions for their closet by helping you refine your options. The Internet is such a large space with endless options sometimes you need help sorting through it. Fortunately for you at Tunsy the is a goldmine of quality garments to suit any style. It’s almost like shopping with your best friend and your stylist at your favorite store but made easy. Check the Tunsy app and let us know what you think about your personalized online shopping experience.

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