Why You Always Lying Full Video

Mmmmmohmygod we finally got a full length video to the hit vine clip “Why You Always Lying” and it’s as off the top as you would expect it to be. Hit the jump to see the hilarious video. 

Nicholas Fraser has been on cloud nine since his vine clip of him remix Next’s classic hit record “Too Close” went viral and was shared all over the internet. It was so good that even that even RL, the lead singer of next decided to get in on the act in an exclusive clip sent to VLAD TV.

The clip has seen life on Diddy’s IG page

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As well as Chris Brown’s IG page as well…

There were numerous mashup’s with other characters and redone in different languages.

Nicholas decided to give the people what they wanted and blessed us with a full on music video. Donning the classic cheesy shirt, the infamous toilet. some rain and backup dancers we got ourselves a 4:20 motion picture. Peep the hilarious video below.

The only way Nicholas can top this is if he can actually get Next back together for a remix!


Source: Youtube


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