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Juices For Life: Jadakiss and Styles P Bring Forth A Positive Hustle To The Hood And We Approve



Hip Hop Heavy Hitters Jadakiss and Styles P are putting some good in the hood. With the help of a new juice bar chain called Juices For Life, relative neighborhoods who aren’t as savvy when it comes to better health choices and foods are in for a pleasant surprise. Read more about it after the jump…

For as far as we can remember, lower class communities have always been faced with an exceeding amount of health risk, and diseases that most doctors would tell you, all stem from poor eating habits. Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, the list continues on but while that has increased, change hasn’t.

The access to a supply of healthier choices in food simply has not been in arms reach for these areas. Thus, for generations the ongoing problem continues to grow. Growing up in such a place and noticing the impact its had on their lives and the lives of others around them, Fly Guys Jadakiss and Styles P collaboratively have decided to help the beginning stages of change starting in their local community, Yonkers, NY .

Watch below, as Elite Daily featured the LOX members journey on educating their given communities on the importance of healthy eating and better living.

The SFPL commend both Jadakiss and Styles P on this Fly endeavor. Be sure to keep a look out for ‘Juices For Life’ as the franchise expands.

-Stay Fly

Lisa Brittany

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