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Sinister 2 Movie Review

Team SFPL got the opportunity to check out an advanced screening of Sinister 2 the sequel to the surprisingly frightening first film Sinister. Hit the jump to see if the sequel was able to live up to the expectations. 

Sinister 2 Movie Review

Director Scott Derrickson’s Sinister was as surprise box office hit among horror film fans bringing in $77 million. The creepy element of the super 8 footage of families one minute enjoying life and then the next minute meeting their untimely deaths was just frightening. What made Sinister even more creepy was the fact it was the kids under the direction of films boogey man Bughuul killing off their own families and filming it at the same time. Ciaran Foy now at the helm he looks to use that same formula plus give us more of Bughuul to enhance the scares this go around.

Sinister 2 Review

Sinister 2’s story has another family haunted by Bughuul (Nicholas King) and his band of homicidal ghost kids. Deputy whatever his name is (James Ransone) whom we last seen in the first movie assisting True Crime author Elison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) returns in Sinister 2 as the unlikely hero. Now fired from his job as a deputy he is on a mission to stop the evil entity from destroying anymore families. His mission to destroy any known locations where murders have taken place introduces him to a mother who he becomes good friends with named Courtney ( Shannon Sossamon) and her twin boys Dylan and Zach (Robert Daniel Sloan and Darwinian Sloan). She and her boys are hiding out in a house from her abusive husband (Lea Coco)  located next to a church she is renovating  where a gruesome murder took place.

Sinister 2 RevieDeputy finds out he is too late as things are starting to happen and he must help protect the family from Baghuul. The home movies that made the first Sinister film so damn spooky return, some of them are more believable than others. Two of them were rather very disturbing and involved an alligator and rats, the one with the alligator was just unbelievable but still frightening none the less. Sinister 2 Movie Review

Deputy was the real bright spot of the film as the lovable unlikely hero you just had to root for and hopes he gets the girl. The ghost kids were somewhat of a let down as they weren’t just as spooky as in the previous film.

Sinister 2 Movie Review

The fact we didn’t see that much of them in the first film is what made them even more scary. The same rule applies for Bughuul whom we get a much more heavy dose of in the sequel than in the first movie.

The small glimpses of him super 8 movies and stills were frightening enough, they looked to make him more of presence this time around. Bughuul is still frightening though and definitely will make you jump out of your seat a few times when he magically appears.

Sinister 2 Movie Review

Verdict: Sinister 2 isn’t a horrible movie, not at all but it just doesn’t bring the scares like the first film did. The abusive relationship angle was a bit forced but in the end it somehow works with the story. We did appreciate the director actually giving us a front row seat as to how the kids possessed by Bughuul actually set up the traps to kill their families.Sinister seems like it will be around for a while but if they intend on turning this into a potential movie franchise they can learn from the mistakes they made in this movie. We believe we will be seeing a lot more of Bughuul in the future.

Sinister 2 Review


2.5 out of 4 on the FLY meter!

SFPL recently got a chance to catch up with one of the movie’s stars, Shannyn Sossamon, (most noted for her roles in A Knight’s Tale, 40 Days and 40 Nights and The Rules of Attraction) for a quick chat about her role in the movie and a little fly trivia.

We definitely wanted to know how she prepares for such a super natural thriller, “I’m pretty good with jumping in and out of character,” she states, ” I don’t really take it home with me,” she finishes. When asked if she actually believes in the super natural, she pauses, “I do believe that super natural things happen, but thats kinda it.”

Shannon noted that this role was exciting not just because of the genre of movie, but also because of the fans, “Super natural thriller fans are a little bit more intense than your average movie fans, they don’t just love horror films, they LOVE horror films!” she exclaimed.

When quizzed about what classic movie she would re-make starring herself she say’s, “Labyrinth! Not that Jennifer Connelly wasn’t amazing, I’d just definitely choose Labyrinth.” We could see why, Labyrinth is a cult classic worthy of a remake, a good remake that is.

When asked what three movies she would desire if she were stranded on a desert island, she effortlessly answered, ” Amadeus, Mary Poppins & Elizabeth.” She was ready for that question or nah?

We concluded by asking her what the word “FLY” means to her and she closed with, “Fearless, free and… Freedom!” “But it also makes me think of buzzing (giggles) or like a zipper thats open (joint laughter).”


Sinister 2 hits theaters August 21st

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