Fresh off from losing a friend, Jamie will regain another.

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Angela stops by Jamie’s apartment to check up on him and sees he’s basically been through hell. The move sending the Ruiz family packing worked and got Angela thinking again. Instead of being thankful Jamie saved her career she still has questions though SMH. It’s here Jamie tells Angela that “GHOST IS DEAD” and that it’s going to be just James St. Patrick from now on. Jamie can give Angela all he promised her now that he has Truth and the two other clubs. Re-united and it feels so good! Poor Tasha on the other hand though…

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Still wondering where the hell Shawn is, Keisha tells her friend maybe he got scared at the idea of being with Tasha and her two kids. Tasha doesn’t believe that one bit and has her doubts knowing what she does. Her phone rings and she gets that dreaded phone call.

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

They found Shawn’s body, Dre didn’t do a good job of disposing of it after all, good thing Kanan is gone or Dre would be dead for his failure. Tasha immediately assumes Ghost is behind this. That adds another person on the list of people who HATE Ghost.  Angela list of enemies is growing also.

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Greg is heartbroken, clearly crazy as ever and is on a mission now to bring down Angela and Ghost by any means necessary. Angela runs to her apartment to grab her gun after the brief and very intense encounter with Greg. Ghost makes it to his office to find a surprise waiting for him.

Power Season 2 Finale RecapLooks like Lobo’s isn’t dead and knows of Ghost’s treachery, add another person to that list of people who want Ghost’s head on a platter.

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Meanwhile televisions most annoying couple is back together.

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Tommy gets a phone call from Tasha but elects to ignore and gets back to showering Holly with love and affection. Damn a whole new season of these two together oh lord.


Lobos is recovering from surgery from his stab wounds and gets a visit from Mike. We always thought his Spanish was a little too damn good and we find out why.

Mike is corrupt Power Season 2 Finale, Episode 10 Recap

Lobos always boasted about having friends in high places we never would have thought it would have been Mike. He’s been helping Lobos this whole time this was one of the biggest bombshells of the finale. Power Season 2, Episode ( Recap

He hands Lobos a phone to make a phone call, Lobos gets in contact with Tommy and makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Tommy is stubborn and refuses to get out the game so he offers Tommy the opportunity to become his sole distributor .There’s a catch though, Tommy has to kill Ghost, if he refuses Lobos will then kill Holly and even the dog. wee-bey-gif

We cut to back to where Ghost left Kanan to burn or so we thought he did. Looks like Ghost isn’t that smart and didn’t account for the working sprinkler system. Kanan escaped from his would be fiery grave :-(. SO GUESS WHO WILL BE BACK NEXT SEASON?nASzXGz

Kanan a real life boogey man! So sad we are going to have to wait a full year for season 3, but we are sure Courtney Kemp Agboh and the Power TV Writers will trump season 2. Till next year FLY gals and gents.


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