Looks like the plan to eliminate Lobos is underway.

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

A cell phone is handed to an inmate on the inside, the phone has one number programmed into it for the prisoner to call and he is given instructions. The Jimenez reach is far and wide. We head to Truth for an unexpected meeting. Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Dre shows up and is greeted by Ghost and a gun. Dre reveals to Ghost that Kanan killed his own son Shawn and is now worried for his own life. Ghost is immediately taken back by the news and tells Dre he should kill him for even working with Kanan. He tells Ghost he’s not taking orders from Kanan anymore and that he wants to work with Ghost from now on. Hmmmmmmm, immediately after Dre gets in a car with Kanan and tells him that Ghost bought his story. Kanan not knowing that Drifty and Vlad are dead tells Dre to contact them and inform them of the plan. The assassin still has Vlad’s phone responds to Dre’s texts. We finally catch up to Ruiz who is still alive, but is being watched by someone, could it be the Jimenez?

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Nah it’s just Ghost, he tells Ruiz that Lobos is out for blood and that they both need to disappear. Not just them but their families as well so that means Isabel won’t be around to testify against Angela in court. There goes Ghost again using that brain of his, he more than likely just won the heart of Angela again right there with that move. We jump to Lobos who is in his cell about to enjoy his daily meal. Instead of his dinner filling his stomach he’s greeted with a shank piercing his belly instead, Lobos is left in a pool of his own blood with a card signifying it’s the work of the Jimenez.

Angela is in court awaiting to have her fate sealed by the testimony of Isabella Ruiz , BUT thanks to the work of Ghost that won’t happen and the judge has no choice but to dismiss the case. Angela gets to keep her job after all, looks like her flipping on Greg was the best move she ever made. After her victory in court  Angela calls Jamie but gets no response from him. Angela is informed of Lobos stabbing in prison, and the rest of the network being wiped out we also learn that Lobos isn’t dead yet though. She’s worried that Jamie could have suffered the same fate now.

Now for the moment we have all been waiting for! Ghost and Kanan finally face off.

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Ghost initially had the upper hand on Kanan, he relieves him of his firearm and now has two guns pointed at Kanan. SOMEHOW though Kanan manages to flip the script on Ghost and knocks both guns out of his hands.


A huge fight ensues as they battle to gain the upper hand on each other, Kanan is clearly the stronger man and is giving Ghost a run for his money.Power Season 2 Finale RecapKanan eventually gets his hands on the gun and yup you guessed it Ghost manages to knock it out his hand. Pretty much a whole bunch of this…

rush-hour-gun-takeaway-oToo much talking and not enough shooting, Kanan eventually attempts to suffocate Ghost with a plastic bag placed around his head. Kanan Suffocating Ghost Power Season 2 Finale, Episode 10 RecapThe final blow comes from a piece of glass to the stomach of Kanan. A PIECE OF GLASS! All that damn fighting and gun pointing at each other and a piece of glass decides the battle. Ghost douses Kanan’s body and the area around him with a flammable liquid and sets the area on fire but doesn’t throw the match on Kanan directly.Wait, what?


Ghost handling of this situation is extremely sloppy but whatever Kanan is GONE! Licking his wounds Ghost settles down with a bottle of Jameson *gasp* and not Effen Vodka along with some rubbing alcohol. Tommy eventually shows up and Ghost wonders where the hell was he. Tommy reveals he knows all about Holly, Tommy tells Ghost he is officially taking over the business till Ghost drops the bombshell on him that “there is no business”. tumblr_lpdwyzACFL1qjys7d

He also reveals that he was the one behind all of the murders to Tommy. Man this guy Ghost is something else.

power-ghost-montageThat was the final straw for Tommy, he draws his weapon on his former friend, and Ghost returns the favor but clearly doesn’t have it in him to pull it off.  Tommy on the other does but guess who steps in and saves the day?

Power Season 2 Finale RecapDRE! He shows up in the nick of time to save his new boss’s life.

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