Remember that meeting with Angela and Mike earlier? Well it looks like she is still in the business of protecting Jamie.

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Take a look at that face ladies and gentlemen. That’s face of a nice guy finishing DEAD LAST! Angela instead of detailing her relationship with Ghost lied and snitched on poor Greg. This song instantly comes to mind about poor Greg and his affection for Angela.

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Angela talks about Greg following her and files a formal complaint of harassment against the love-sick officer. Damn that was cold, but it clearly shows Angela still cares somewhat about Jamie. Mike suspends Greg effective immediately pending an investigation and it looks like Greg might be out a job and the girl. That was realllllllll slick Angela, real slick.

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Back at Truth Jamie, Kantos and Stern are trying to figure out who ransacked Kantos office. Whomever was behind it  had a detailed description of where the cameras were as they couldn’t get a look at the perps. Among the missing items are cash and the ledgers with the numbers that would have shown Jamie had hit his mark of 20% and could buy back Truth from Stern. Power Season 2 Finale RecapKantos ironically didn’t have a chance to upload the figures into the system either and what makes this whole invasion even more fishy was the fact that Stern brought that whole fact up even knowing that the last party proved Jamie made his numbers.


Tommy heads to Kanan’s HQ fresh off what he learned from Ghost to enact their plan. Remember when we told you get your flow charts ready? Kanan initially isn’t too receptive of Tommy as his quick exit from prison raised some eyebrows. After Tommy reveals he got out due to a technicality and that he feels Ghost set him up Kanan lowers his guard and reveals some new info to an already confused Tommy.

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Kanan tells Tommy that Ghost set him up and that Tasha helped Ghost put him behind bars. Tommy had no clue of that power move and revealed Ghost lied about killing pink sneakers in Miami. Kanan asks Tommy if he and Ghost are still cool, Tommy tells him yes giving Kanan a new angle to take out Ghost or so he thinks. Speaking of Tasha she pays Ghost a surprise visit.

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

After learning of Ghost and Angela’s “breakup” she sees an opportunity to make things right. Her dream of reconciliation totally gets shut down though when Ghost drops the Shawn bomb on her. Ghost tells her about Shawn’s failed assassination attempt on his life shaking up and Tasha’s world completely.  Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

She immediately assumes Ghost has something to do with his disappearance, Ghost tells her he just told the young man to get the hell out-of-town and nothing more. The parting shot though was when Ghost gave her some choices. She could either stay in NYC with the kids or go “live off the salary of a high-school basketball coach”.

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Poor Tasha :-(. Meanwhile another day another member of drug syndicate falls victim to a bullet.

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Vlad is the next piece taken off the board, like Drifty a card is left on his body and his cell phone is taken. That just leaves Ghost, Tommy, Ruiz and Lobos. Speaking of Lobos the D.O.J. is trying to break him by offering a deal. Of course Lobos is tight-lipped and very mum on taking any deals from them. He plays it off that he doesn’t speak English but of course Mike speaks very fluent Spanish. He warns Lobos that his life is in danger and that members of his cartel are being taken out one by one by the Jimenez. Lobos still doesn’t bend though even after Mike reveals his life is in danger. Tommy and Ghost meet up to discuss the latest developments in the plan. Tommy tells Ghost that he agreed to partake in the plan to kill him.

tumblr_nt7m3hYKcq1uct0dzo3_500He also revealed that he knows Ghost lied to him about killing pink sneakers in Miami. Tommy is deeply hurt by the fact that Ghost didn’t tell him the truth, they go back and forth about times they weren’t honest with each other. In the end though the two comes to a mutual agreement and Ghost tells Tommy…

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Tommy leaves the meeting and assures Ghost that Kanan will be at the location. Stern and his wife’s story-line comes to a head now that she wants a divorce from ole boy. Last time we seen them together Stern was in company of others getting his freak on and she was completely over it. In the middle of their divorce settlement hearing she breaks out the ledgers that were conveniently taken from Kantos office during the robbery. The look on Sterns face…

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The robbery turned out to be a ruse set up by YUP you guessed it GHOST. That boy Ghost is too damn good, he held up his end of the bargain in helping Stern’s wife in burying him and in return she gave him back Truth plus two more clubs.

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Fresh off his big win, Ghost runs to go see Angela to try to get that old thing back and prove to her that he wants to be Jamie the nightclub owner over Ghost. Power Season 2 Finale RecapAngela still doesn’t want to hear a damn thing Jamie has to say to her, nope not at all even after Jamie’s big win in the battle with Stern. She does tell him about what she did to Greg and that she did because she didn’t want to see his kids suffer. Angela got some points for that with us, but we still can’t stand her though right now. Angela breaks down how she’s in danger of losing everything she ever worked for and that her family is going to suffer greatly because she was the breadwinner. The key piece of information she revealed was that when Isabelle Ruiz the daughter of Ruiz testifies her career is basically over. After everything is all said and done Angela leaves Ghost standing there looking like Tre in Boyz In The Hood after he disappointed his pops.

Power Season 2 Finale RecapTommy is about to bump into someone unexpectedly that he thought he would never see again.

Power Season 2 Finale RecapHOLLY IS BACK!

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

We thought we were through with her, guess not. Tommy whose mind is clearly all over the place gets pulled in another direction. Holly reveals to her that Ghost paid her to leave town and gave her a whole new identity. She leaves Tommy with the bag full of cash and the id with the name Monica Moore on it.

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