Straight Outta Compton Memes


Straight Outta Compton’s buzz is through the roof with the highly anticipated biopic set to bit theaters next week. The marketing machine that is Beats music decided to allow regular folks to represent where they from with a meme generator using the iconic Straight Outta Compton font. All good, but you know the internet had to have some fun with it. Hit the jump to see what the internet done did again. 

The idea itself is genius, it gives people the opportunity to be apart of the hype and feel like some of the celebs who have already have taken part in the Straight Outta Somewhere campaign shot by the legendary photographer Jonathan Mannion.

Absolutely dope! Folks immediately took advantage of the website and have been posting photos showing where they are Straight Outta from. BUT you knew eventually the internet would find a way to spin it around and find some humor out of this. CB4’s MC Gusto, The Obamas, Tyrone the crackhead, Pookie from New Jack City, hip-hop’s current punching bag Meek Mill and even Prince found themselves “Straight Outta” or out of something.  Hit the gallery below to see internet’s creativity on full display.

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