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Meek Mill Responds To Drake After OVOfest Dragging

Meek Mill isn’t backing down yet!

Yesterday the Philly rapper finally responded to Drake after he viciously slandered Meek during his OVOfest concert and we kinda wished he didn’t even say anything. Hit the jump to see what he said to Drake. 

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Meek Mill is still alive and still got some fight left in him, we didn’t think we would see him again on his Instagram again after the L he suffered at the hands of his rival Drake. Meek let his fans know he’s till good and he is “unfazed” by posting a photos of himself counting money, pretty much the Meek we all knew before Aubrey attacked.

A great sign hes still noticeably absent on Twitter though and we understand that, if you head there we are still haunted by his last tweet:


If you want to see what it looks like to lose a hip-hop battle in the social media age check his mentions.

But his fans are still wonder though… Where are the bars?


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Well Meek answered.. well sort of. During the Charlotte stop on his girls tour oops we mean The Pinkprint Tour, Meek let the fans know he’s been watching and responded to Drake and his OVO crew threatening to give them “wedgies” and “bullet holes”.


Sighs 😦  he also added this small preview from what we are going to assume is a diss track that maybe on the way. Meek screams ” Wayne don’t f**k with you, Stunna don’t f**k with you, Tyga don’t f**k with you”. Riiiight we already knew Tyga and Drake don’t mess with each other nothing new, but Wayne? We already saw a video floating around of Wayne reciting lyrics from Drake’s diss record to Meek not to mention Baby is still Drake’s boss.  Peep the footage from the show below.

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Meek Mill Shouts Out Drake During Concert

Oh and as far as Nicki Minaj and the status on Omeeka is concerned …  she’s good and they are apparently still a thing and the bond seems stronger than ever. Hit the jump to see the two still doing their best  On The Run Tour impression.


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