It’s not even looking like a fair fight anymore. Last night Drake closed out his 6th annual OVO Music Festival by taking a page out of Jay Z’s book and embarrassing Meek Mill by throwing him up on the OVO screen. Hit the jump to see the furious dragging of Meek Mill.

Drake Disses Meek Mill With At OVO Fest

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With a whole city behind him Drake kept his foot on the neck of Meek Mill and is showing no signs of letting up. Honestly Meek clearly didn’t think this one through completely when he started accusing the 6 God of not writing his own songs and using a “ghostwriter”.  Unlike Meek, Drake didn’t do all his talking on social media, he smartly used his own outlets to get the message out and that was F**K Meek Mill and everyone that  knows him.

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Drake used his Beats Radio show OVOSound Radio to premiere his first response “Charged Up” as well two other new tracks. He then just gifted us with “Back To Back” out of nowhere, and then he used his festival to make a complete mockery out of Meek Mill.  Twitter, Instagram and Facebook handled the rest of the work for the OVO general.

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The anticipation was waaaaaaaaay up (see what we did there) with the world wondering what Drake was going to do to poor Meek Mill next. Mr Do Right and Kill Everything didn’t lets us down one bit and lived up his name meaning that. Just look how he did Meek Mill last night on that stage.

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How do you make a diss track into hit record? You gotta tip your hat to Drake for that cause it’s unbelievable.



This isn’t the greatest hip-hop battle in the history of rap music, but it is shaping up to be the greatest hip-hop battle in the social media age. The dragging Meek Mill is enduring is just absolutely amazing at this point and I’d hate to have to look at mentions if I were him. Here’s just a sample size of  the slander Meek is enduring after last night.

There was this…

The this happened…

This also…

Followed by…

Wait, wait, wait

But wait there’s more…

Well damn…


Last but not least…

On top of that a video where it looks like Philadelphia’s own Will Smith, Kanye West and Drake are laughing at memes of Meek Mill… Holy shit.

JESUS! Meek didn’t help his own case either, he as been on Twitter in five days (we totally understand) but he has been active on his Instagram account. He took the wrong time to endorse a teeth whitener product that seems to be all the rage among celebrities.

Drake dissed Meek Mill again at OVO Fest.

Yup he posted while Drake was publicly humiliating him in Toronto, bad timing Meek. We just had to go meme hunting as well and of course it was absolutely brutal. Meek we understand if you take a LeBron James break from social media all together at this point. Hit the gallery to get a good laugh at Meek Mill’s expense.


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