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As the grandson of boxing legend Jersey Joe Walcott, Camden NJ native Apollo Ali has always had greatness in his blood and champion in his pedigree. Now with the release of his brand new video “Pray For Us” featuring Dave East and his debut album C.O.N.T.R.A.D.I.C.T.I.O.N. (Chosen Over Niggas That Rap Average Doing It Correct To Improve Our Nation) available on iTunes, the time has come to put put Camden back on the map and make his grandfather proud!

Check out the video “Pray For Us” below:

Track Listing:

1) Luke 4:24 (Intro) (Prod. Cratez/Street Orchestra)

2) Taught Wrong (Prod. Digital Crates) / Heed This (Prod. E Money)

3) Hereditary Greatness (LPG)

4) Swing My Way Feat. Suzann Christine (Prod. Black Diamond)

5) Purge (SUPER Gangsta 30 sec skit) (Prod. Charlie Heat)

6) Rio De Janeiro (RNS Skit) Prod. Linz Prag)

7) 94 Nas (Prod. Atrixx)

8) Keep Going Feat. August Alsina & Guordan Banks (Prod. Traxx Trigg)

9) Wish I Could Sing (Prod. DJ Cooley)

10) Gravity (Prod. DJ Black Diamond)

11) The Relay Feat. Sean Pice & Verb Spielberg (Prod. Scottzilla) (Live on DJ Caesar’s “Weekend Work” show)

12) Pray For Us Feat. Dave East (Prod. The Cratez)

13) Stray Shots (Prod. Hank McCoy & Juiced Up)

14) Dont Envy Me (Prod. The Cratez)

15) Wear Ya Crown (Prod. Yfame)

16) Rio De Janeiro rmx Feat. Jadakiss (Prod. Linz Prag)

17) Armageddon (Prod. The Tucker Brothers)

18) Revelations 1:8 (Now I Lay Prod. Shuga Water) / Frames Prod. Buda Da Future & Grandz)

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