Meek Meek Mill Responds To Drake On Diss Track "I Wanna Know"Mill Shouts Out Drake During Concert

FINALLY! Meek Mill responds to Drake annnnnndddd the internet is not feeling it like he probably thought they would. Hit the jump to see the fall out.Flounder-Is-Upset-In-The-Little-Mermaid-Gif

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It’s been five days since Drake dropped “Charged Up” in response to counter Meek Mill’s allegations of him using a ghost writer. Not waiting Drake decided to follow-up with another record “Back To Back” which was even more scathing.

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Funk Flex decided to get involved in the beef getting at Drake during his radio show and dropped the bomb that he was getting a track from Meek on Monday. That bomb turned out to be a huge dud as the record never came and both Flex and Meek were dragged on the internet that night well into the next day.

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So after a few mediocre explanations as to what happened on Monday we were back in wait mode. With each passing day the expectations for this diss record from Meek Mill went up. We get to Thursday, FINALLY Meek Mill reveals that he is dropping the diss record tonight. Flex hops on his twitter and also verifies that tonight is the night.  Folks gather around their radios and endure almost 3 and half hours of records to hear this Meek record.  After numerous bomb drops and ranting Flex finally plays the record the anticipation is serious.




Bruh, we waited for this shit? Drake even immediately reacted to the record .

Twitter wasted no time either

Yikes, and on the gram the memes  IMMEDIATELY started flowing hit the gallery below.


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