Drake VS Meek Mill


The 6 God, Drake is not playing with Meek Mill and in the wee hours of the morning released a second diss rack aimed towards the Philly rapper. You know the internet didn’t exhibit chill one bit, peep the fallout after the jump. 

Meek Mill Gets Roasted AGAIN On The Internet After Drake Disses Him Again On "Back To Back" Freestyle!


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If you was sleeping, woke up, and looked at your phone and saw all hell broke loose on your Twitter and IG timelines the above gif is your appropriate reaction. We know cause it was our immediate reaction, Drake decided to bless us with “Back To Back” a freestyle with extreme vitriol and lacking the calm tone “Charged Up” had.

The reaction after the freestlye was dropped is as hilarious as you can already imagine.

There was this…


Then this…


Wait there’s more…


Oh and this as well…


Image (3) shaq-laugh.gif for post 110034

We also went meme hunting and of course we struck gold. Hit the gallery below to see how the internet blessed Meek Mill with an electronic fade:


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