On The Gram: Drake Claps Back At Meek Mill With “Charged Up” Diss Track The Internet Goes Nuts!

Drake Claps Back At Meek Mill on new track Charged Up

Drake Claps Back At Meek Mill on new track Charged Up

Meek if you’re reading this then you then it’s probably too late!

Drake pretty much broke the internet today when he finally responded on to Meek Mill’s recently allegations of him not penning his rhymes. Drake waited patiently to address the Philly rapper on his OVOSounds Radio show on Beats Radio. The internet immediately went nuts, hit the jump for the track and reactions. 

Drake Claps Back At Meek Mill on new track Charged Up

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All eyes were on Drake pretty much after Meek Mill went on a ridiculous Twitter tirade saying Drizzy doesn’t write his own records. Hip-hop nerds and rap enthusiasts collectively stalked Drakes social media accounts eager to hear what Drake had to say in response to Meek Mill.

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Well the wait is over as Drake took to his OVOSounds Radio show and dropped his response record conveniently named “Charged Up”.  Drake had listeners huddled around their Iphones as he played the track five times so folks could get every single bars. He dug into the Philly rapper, Funk Flex and even took  a slight jab at Tidal. Here’s some of the lyrics:

Must I remind you that Jimmy got 20 million on it. Need DJ Clue to drop a bomb on it.

I seen it all comming, knew they were pushing buttons. Easter egg hunting, they gotta look for someting.

Done doing favors for people. Cause it ain’t like I need the money I make off a feature.

I see you niggas having trouble going gold. Turning into some so and so’s that no one knows.

No woman ever had me star struck. Or was able to tell me to my bars up. I’m charged up.

Drake Claps Back At Meek Mill on new track Charged Up

Here’s the track for your listening pleasure as well:

Meek Mill and his manager Coon Philly immediately responded to the track on twitter:

The internet though? We know there’s no chill there in those streets and they let Meek have it AGAIN. Peep the hilarious responses to Drake’s track in the gallery below…

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