While pop culture is in the midst of an extreme twitter beef including the worlds most famous Hip-Hop & Pop celebrities, we sat down with one of R&B and Hip Hop’s most renown singer/songwriter/producers, Rico Love
With an extensive resume boasting produced hits from titans like Beyonce, Usher & Nelly, Rico has taken some time off from creating hits for others to create a masterpiece for himself entitled, TTLO [Turn. The. Lights. On].
After meeting Rico at a private listening session, we were blown away by his music, his presence and his story. We proudly present the July 2015 Stuff Fly People Like cover guy, Rico Love!

How Did Turn The Lights On” Come About?
“Turn The Lights On, How I started “Turn The Lights On,” the saying was I used to hang out in this club in LA called “Area.” They would play this song by Pink Floyd, which is one of my favorite bands. And their lights would be off and when they say “hey teacher leave those kids alone,” all the lights would come on in the club and start flashing crazy. And I would be like “Turn the lights on,” to myself, but out loud though like a f***ing weirdo and s**t, and people next to me like, you know what I mean. But I would do that all the time. And one day I was in the studio and I just started saying it on records and my homie’s mans was like you should say that. You should say that in every song you write, thats cool.”
Why Don’t You Have A Lot Of Features?
“It has to be about you, if you want to break yourself. If you surround yourself…obviously I have connections with the biggest artist in the world. But if I surround myself with them, they’re gonna overshadow me and I’m humble enough to say that. If I would have did my first single, ‘Somebody Else’ featuring Usher and Wiz Khalifa on it, it would have turned into their record. You see what happened when I put the remix out. You see what happened with the remix… It was like Usher’s and Wiz Khalifa’s new collab! It’s like they took me and was like get the f**k outta here N****.”
Why Are You Against Writing Certain Songs For Other Artist?
“What happened was I want artist to sing real songs and wanted them to make real records and they want to be in the club. And I always tell people the club is this big. It’s a world out here, It’s hundreds, of millions of people who never been to a club. And you only making records to turn up to and you can go get 40 or 50 a night for a year and a half or a year maybe until your wave is over. Because if you don’t have classic timeless music, when we grow out of that club s**t. When you 50/60 years old they’re going to still see Barry Manilow, Diana Ross. They’re still going to see Smokey, Stevie Wonder still selling out in Brazil, Africa, China and everywhere. They’re not going to see you for your turn up song that they use to listen to when they were kids.”
Would You Ever Give Your Record To An Artist? 
I would have gladly given Usher my entire album. Gladly. If I had to turn in my album on April 9th; and on April 6th Usher would have been like “I heard the album, I want the whole album.” I would have been like Interscope I’m sorry I’m not doing this album, Usher wants it. That’s how much I respect Usher as an artist. I would make my full time job for the rest of my career, to write songs for Usher; if I had that opportunity. That’s how much I love writing songs for him
Full Interview (Part 1) Below:

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Alternative Youtube Link:

Stylist: Rico Love
Photographer: Orin Fleurimont
Cover Director: Andrew Fennell 
You can follow Rico Love on Twitter & Instagram  at @IamRicoLove
-Stay Fly!


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