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UPDATE 7/20: Chris Brown Friend’s Ain’t Loyal

It looks like Chris Brown’s mother was correct. In case you missed it; a few days back, Chris Brown’s brand new house was broken into. His aunt was currently home while Breezy was doing a club appearance. At first, it wasn’t clear who was in on the crime but Brown’s mother felt like it was someone in his crew.

According to TMZ, Chris Brown and the police believe it was a few people in his crew that had something to do with the robbery. Not only someone in his crew but a club promoter as well. Brown had just scored 50k from a club appearance and placed the money in a safe at home. Only someone who was around Chris at the time will know that he had that money and where he placed it.

Police don’t just believe it was someone in his crew, they believe that Blood gang members were involved as well. Members of LAPD’s Gang unit were assigned to handle the case. Seems like Mama Joyce and Chris’s camp is putting their foot down. Brown was told that he needs to get rid of some people in his crew. We couldn’t have agreed to anything better than this. Hopefully this situation will teach Breezy that hoes aren’t the only ones that ain’t loyal — but the people you call “bro” ain’t either.


UPDATE 7/16: Cops may have a lead on Chris’ Home Invasion

More news has broke about Chris Brown recent Home Invasion. Law enforcements now believe that Club Promoters may have been involved, which relates back to a recent club appearance that Chris was paid for, in CASH. While the intruders were in the Chris’ establishment, they were aware of the identity of the homeowner and immediately asked his aunt where the safe was located. At the same time, hinting that they also knew about the $50K.

We will keep you updated as the story still develops…


According to TMZ, sources claims that whomever was the mastermind behind the organized crime was in search for 50K that may have been lying around somewhere in Brown’s home.

It has been reported via TMZ, that Breezy’s newly purchased home has been invaded, turned completely upside down, property was stolen, and Aunt was held at gunpoint. His Mom believes that it was an inside job by his “friends.”

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Around 2 a.m. this morning, at Chris’ huge San Fernando Valley house, a count of 3 intruders forcefully entered Brown’s home [each armed with a gun], found his aunt and held a loaded weapon to her face, then forced her into a closet. According to law enforcement, home invaders completely ransacked the house and took money, and as mentioned, several items were taken as they fled the home. Chris’ aunt eventually called 911 but the robbers had already left the scene some time ago.

Chris was not home at the time, as he was off doing a Pre-ESPY hosting duty at club Argyle in Hollywood.

But peep the timestamps: CB got to the club around 12:30 AM and left at 2:13 AM. That was definitely perfect timing. Hmmm…

Mom Breezy aka Joyce Watkins hits Twitter soon after the incident and says:

Joyce has been known for speaking under a Socially Decoded tone on many occasions, but you have to admit, SHE JUST MIGHT BE RIGHT.

chris brown


She and Chris have been back and forth about his “so-called friends,” well as she would call them: “no good-ass friends”, per close sources. This is mainly the reason why they have been beefing for a few years now.

At the end of the day, we never wanna hear our parents say: “I don’t like him/her”, “she/he is no good for you”, you shouldn’t be hanging around him/her”, etc etc etc. As much as we don’t want to listen, we know deep down inside, it’s true. But eventually, we learn for ourselves.

Chris, keep your eyes and ears wide open homie.




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