Ciara Claps Back At Future On Twitter


Things are getting ugly between Ciara and her ex Future.


Ciara took to her Twitter account to address her ex-fiance and the father of her child Future after he made of series of comments directed to her in a documentary and interview on Huffington Post Live. Find out what exactly he said to get Ciara all riled up after the jump.

Pull up a seat cause..

Ciara Claps Back At Future On Twitter

Future has been feeling himself ALOT as of late, in preparation for the release of his album Dirty Sprite 2 Mr. “F**k Up Some Commas” dropped a documentary series titled Like I Never Left. Future in the documentary is being interviewed by Rap Radar’s head honcho Elliott Wilson and gets very candid with him. In pt.1 of the documentary series Future talks about his music , but what really caught people’s attention was his comments towards his ex Ciara.

The best part was him sipping his tea after his comments, so original. He did make some valid points about as far as Ciara’s handling of her album we will give him that.

Ciara Claps Back At Future On Twitter

COMEDY! Oh he wasn’t done talking about Ciara, nope not at all. He then took his talents over to the Huffington Post and in an interview with Marc Lamont Hill. He took the opportunity to tell his side of  the story and explained that he was the one who called off the engagement and it had nothing to with him cheating. He tells Marc that the two were just in a different space and he felt that it wasn’t going to work.

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Peep the segment below.


What really broke the camel’s back was his comments towards Russell Wilson and Ciara deciding to wait till marriage to have sex. Future responded to a fan question by saying that God didn’t tell him to wait and that two in fact prayed after sex.

(Skip to 27:53 mark for comments)

Ciara caught wind of his comments and responded to Future via her twitter account.

Besides the grammatical error stealing some the clap back tweet’s thunder she does have a point. We definitely didn’t see an issue with Future talking about the whole album issue with Ciara, BUT he should have definitely took the high road when it comes to Russell and Ciara’s sex life or lack there of.  We understand the Ciara questions are going to come being that we never really heard his side of the story, but he still should just keep it cordial.  Ciara has clearly moved on and is no longer worried about him.


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Source: Huffington Post


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