Power Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

She grounds Tariq for going to see his father and we are confused by that act of parenting. She explains to him the best she can without revealing exactly why his dad is no longer home. She tells Tariq that he should ask his father exactly what it going on.

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Come on Tasha take it easy on the kid, he needed advice from his DAD there are some things you can’t just help a growing young man with.

We focus back on Tommy who is getting his plan in motion and hitting the Serb’s stash houses. Dressed in all black like the Omen wearing motorcycle helmets Tommy and the crew clean house swiftly and efficiently.

Power Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

The Serb’s catch wind of the hit and immediately think the hit was the work of the Albanians. Tommy meets up with the Serbs fresh off their losses and they ask him if the deal is on the table still as they are now desperate for product. The plan was a success! While everything was going down with Tommy, Ghost met up with Stern again and it was really ummmm weird.

It was definitely like a scene out of Stanley Kubrick’s movie Eyes Wide Shut, Ghost knew something was up immediately the way woman smiled at him when she took his name at the door.

Power Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

Ghost walks through the sex party stoned faced as ever. He eventually bumps into Stern’s wife and she looks very bored even with all that’s going on. She tells Ghost that her husband could be found in the bathroom engaging in freaky activities with someone. That someone turns out to be a man!


If Ghost wants to use anything against Stern, we think he finally got that ammunition now. Simon offers Ghost some girls so he can join in on the fun. Ghost declines, Simon is offended and threatens to fire Ghost, Ghost tells Simon that he is team player and he has nothing to worry about. Simon offers Jaime the girls again and he declines again and leaves them for Stern to handle while his wife watches the whole thing.


Tasha pops up at Ghost’s hotel room and asks him why Tariq came to see him. Ghost tells Tasha about Tariq’s girl dilemma and she gets a chuckle out of it. She tells Ghost she can’t teach Tariq how to be a man but in the same breath said neither could he.


Ghost tries to reconcile with Tasha and get things clear, Tasha is not trying to hear none of it though she tells Ghost to prepare himself for the questions Tariq will have for him.

Now back to the longest interrogation ever. Holly has made up her mind and will not snitch on Tommy, talk about ride or die. Mike still doesn’t know that Ohio warrant is void and is over Holly and decides to send her on that long bus ride. Holly needs a minute and decides to go the bathroom to let a few tears flow.

Angela is dead set on getting Tommy, plus knowing the fact that there is no Ohio warrant runs to the bathroom. Finally getting an opportunity to speak to Holly she tries to convince her she needs to come clean about Tommy and implicate him as GHOST.

Holly’s reaction to Angela thinking Tommy is Ghost was something similar to this…


Holly exits the bathroom stall upon the revelation and informs Angela that she’s been sleeping with the enemy all along.

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Holly seizing the opportunity turns the tables and tells Angela if she doesn’t get her out of there and clear Tommy’s name shes gonna snitch on Angela. Angela wants no part of that and immediately tells Holly she will help her. WOW.  Angela then goes in the bathroom stall and cries her eyes out to a touching montage of intimate memories with Ghost.

Power Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

Poor Angela, she had this coming though her scene reminded us of Ron Burgundy crying in that phone booth a.k.a glass box of emotion.


Angela finally collects herself and exits the bathroom, Greg sees her and asks her is shes okay? He clearly wants that old thing back still. Angela heads out and meets up with Ghost again and guess who’s following? Yup Greg, he spots the two leaving the hotel. Angela is clearly heartbroken now that she knows she’s been sleeping with the enemy.

Power Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

With a stone face she turns to Ghost and asks him how was his day? Whoa we can’t wait for next week.

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