Despite the bad news Angela reveals a new lead they can they run on to get Holly to crack and get the information they need out of her.

Power Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

Angela learns that Holly was shot that night at Truth, the same night Nomar was killed.  Her boss decides to go work the angle himself, Angela was real eager to get in there but Mike said NOPE. Mike manages to get in Holly’s head by questioning her love for Tommy when he reveals to her Tommy was not by her side when she was in the hospital.

Tommy finally shows up to the meeting, Ghost already high tailed it out of there after making his proposition to Ruiz to kill the Serb.

Power Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

Tommy isn’t a fan of Ghost’s plan and him being the dummy he is put the family dysfunction on display in front of Ruiz. Not smart Tommy, not smart, he tells Ruiz there is another way and jets out to go see Ghost. Tommy maybe a clown sometimes but he still is street smart. He hits up Jae to see if he can find out the location of the Serb’s stash houses from a chick Jae was sleeping with who is related to Vlad.

Tommy heads over to Ghost’s hotel room, he immediately begins to curse out Ghost for not telling him first about the move on the Serb. He quickly reels it in when Ghost reveals that Tariq is still there and they shouldn’t be discussing business in front of the kids.

Power Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

Tommy being the quick thinker that he is, proposes instead of just wiping out Serb, they should just cut off his pipeline. In doing so they create a huge need for their product, so they still get the territory and still move the product before Lobos gets there.

Uncle Tommy agrees to take Tariq home which will eventually turn out to be interesting encounter for both Tommy and Tasha.

Meanwhile the longest interrogation in television history is still going on with Holly and the feds.

Power Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

After putting her in her place, Mike finally gives Angela some kudos for the new information. Mike then proposes to gather up all the photos from the murder scene where Kanan went absolutely nuts to show Holly. They want to show Holly that Tommy is a cold-blooded killer, Angela of course objects to that idea but Mike doesn’t give one damn what she thinks.

Angela then gets a text from Jamie, he made a little surprise visit to Angela and is down stairs waiting for her. Before we get into that encounter, Tommy and Tariq finally make it to Ghost’s apartment and Tasha is waiting for them.


Tasha was clearly concerned about her son’s whereabouts but completely overreacted to the fact the kid just wanted to see his dad.

Power Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

She asks him why he went to see his dad but he was hesitant to tell her exactly why, she quickly dispatches him to his room. She then focuses her bitterness on Tommy, asking him why he didn’t tell her Ghost was sleeping with Angela.


Really Tasha? What man would break that code of snitching on their best friend? Tommy tells her he kept the information from her for the sake of the family. Tasha wasn’t even trying to hear it, Tommy then asks her if she would even consider snitching. Tasha answered that question by telling Tommy “to get the f**k out of her house” that Ghost is still paying for might we add.

Speaking of Ghost he finally catches up with Angela as he needs to get some clarity.

Power Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

Greg showing up at the club left Ghost on edge and the fact Angela was ignoring his calls didn’t help matters. Angela warned him this was going to happen though and reassured him he was safe. They make sure they are both good and Ghost reassured Angela that she can trust him and he’s not hiding anything from her. Boy is she in for a shock.

Back to the house that Ghost built, Tasha is doing what she does best… Be bitter!

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