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There’s nothing wrong with tooting your own horn every now and then. A little self-confidence can definitely go a long way, but at the expense of other people? Not so much. Miguel felt the need to let his petty adorn us and took a jab at Frank Ocean in a recent interview. 

Miguel sat down with the The Sunday Times where he touched on his relationship with fellow crooner Frank Ocean. The “Coffee” singer said that the he wouldn’t  “say they were friends, and no disrespect to anyone, I feel I make better music all around.

Miguel Says He Makes Better Music Than Frank Ocean

Now you know when the phrase “no disrespect” is said that means there’s some form of disrespect coming your way. The “tension” between the two might have stemmed from Ocean’s album Channel Orange  beating out Miguel’s album Kaleidoscope Dream and Chris Brown’s album Fortune for Best Urban Contemporary Album at The Grammy’s in 2013.

Initially all eyes were on Chris Brown who visibly showed he didn’t care for Ocean’s victory, Miguel as well didn’t participate in the standing ovation for Frank.

Miguel Says He Makes Better Music Than Frank Ocean

Miguel later gave some kudos to Frank during a TMZ interview after the fact, but still cites his behavior towards Ocean as him being competitive. Miguel Says He Makes Better Music Than Frank Ocean

Riiiigggghhht, now we do agree with Miguel as far as Kaleidoscope Dream being better than Channel Orange, Miguel could have handled that interview a little better than that. Normally when you’re the best at something you don’t have to say it, your work speaks for itself. Miguel right now is on an incredible run with his music and his new album is being well received. We are still waiting for Frank’s sophomore effort, it’s on the way though.

Being humble goes a long way.

Miguel Says He Makes Better Music than Frank Ocean

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