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Sorry Ciara, Tinashe & Derulo, But Usher, Pink & Mya Had The Best Janet Jackson Tribute EVER!


Where was Kanye when we needed him?

Now, when we heard that this year’s BET Awards would feature a tribute to Janet Jackson we thought…


Ok, she’s got a new single happening, and a new album on the way, we get it.

And then BET released the names for the tribute; Ciara, Tinashe & Jason Derulo.

Screen shot 2015-06-28 at 8.45.20 PM

Jason Derulo?

Ciara, we CLEARLY understand, she can dance her a$$ off, and Janet’s whispers shouldn’t be hard for her to mange, right? Tinashe, Ok cool, we’ve seen what she can do, she’s been labeled as the next big thing in pop/r&b, let’s take a chance. Now Derulo? We weren’t very sure. I mean, yeah we’ve seen him dance, but on the Janet Jackson level? This, we needed to see.


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Now, we must say, all parties involved did a pretty good job.


Starting out with Tinashe paying homage to an early Janet i.e. “Pleasure Principle” made perfect sense, she needed a little bit of oil, but she’s still a bit of a rookie. They blending into a more polished Derulo for “All 4 You” (which added nothing to the performance in general) and transitioned into Ciara’s version of “If” and “Rhythm Nation” with a short finale from all three at the end.

Ciara definitely did some good work, but it wasn’t breath taking. NOT as breath taking as the 2001 tribute MTV curated for Janet’s ICON award. Pink absolutely KILLED “Miss You Much” to the T, while Usher perfected Alright and Mya simply DESTROYED “Pleasure Principle” and they ended off with an electrifying rendition of “If”!

Don’t believe me, here it go!

Sorry Ciara, Tinashe & Derulo, But Usher, Pink & Mya Had The Best Janet Jackson Tribute EVER!



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