Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

Ghost and Angela reunite for the first time since their “Baecation” in Miami. Angela apologizes to Jamie for bringing up Tommy while they were on vacation. She insists that she was just trying to save his dreams and not mess with his head. He insists that Angela is just wasting her time. The two make a pact to be honest each with other from now, we will see how that works out  for them in the future.

We head to Tommy’s crib….

Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

Holly is suffering from cabin fever and begs Tommy to take her with him to meet Ghost or allow her to go outside. She also tells Tommy that she wants her job back and wants some money. Tommy is completely worried about his boo Holly’s well-being and insists she’s stay home much to her disappointment. Holly’s “loneliness will get her trouble later in the episode. By the way we can’t stand these two nuts as a couple, they are extremely annoying, especially Holly.

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