The Word: K. Michelle Gets Draya Michele Together During BET’s Post Show…


Can someone say, Awkwarrrrrddddddd!

Well, things got a little uncomfortable last night when fly girl, K. Michelle took her talent’s to BET’s latest recap show, “BET Post Show”.

K. was on deck to speak about her upcoming performance this weekend at The BET Awards, as well as being nominated, and she was joined by Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele.

During the live broadcast, fans of both ladies began to tweet about the noticeable awkwardness between the two (according to their body language they CLEARLY were not there for each other), which caused the host to ask them about the silent tension on the couch.

K. Michelle, never missing an opportunity to SHAKE THE TABLE, sprung into action with a subtle READ for Draya that went a little something like this …

Turn to your neighbor and say, Awkwaaarrrrd, cause Babbbbyyyy, Draya was counting sheep in her head! Did you see her? She didn’t know whether to respond or run, because she KNOWS K. would have shook that couch upside down!


We’re just saying.

In our opinion, Draya’s response was pretty weak, because we do commentary often, we understand that folks might get a little offended if we get a bit carried away (Ahem, Follow us at @TheSFPL for the VERY BEST in TV Commentary), so we are always prepared to issue an apology. Draya should know the risks involved when commentating on her fellow reality stars, you might GET GOT!

We love how smoothly and professionally K. read Draya’s rights to her.

We hope this same civilness happens when she comes face to face with Tamar Braxton.



-Stay Fly!


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