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Could we have upon us the biggest Cyber Bully of our time and generation? Ehh that’s a bit of a stretch! But this open letter written to Apple by Artist Taylor Swift couldn’t keep our minds away from the thoughts of a school kid standing up to the class bully. And in the most honorable way, we approve.


Since its debut in 1976, by far we can say, the direct impact that Apple has contributed towards technology and the way we function in society has well surpassed anyone’s original expectations. As a whole, We’re sure many can agree on the satisfaction level consumers gain off their products and services are at great measures. But with us and our moderate happiness as well with their exceeding and continuous successes, you’ve gotta know there would be someone, somewhere along the line getting the shorter end of the stick. And who might that just be? You guessed it! That song your listening to right now, your favorite artist!

For just a moment before things get too deep in, we’re going to scratch surfaces up from past to present. Just to give you the picture of what today’s music world really has turned into.


Remember this site? Every top selling/grossing recording artists worst nightmare! This Mass sharing tool allowed anyone to download any song they wanted for


So while thousands, if not millions of people enjoyed their favorite tunes at no charge, the music industry began to take on a huge hit leaving artist at lost ends and gradually dampening the market.

Bootleggers were winning in the early 2000’s. The downloadable files allowed many to recreate albums with additional never before heard tracks making it a joy to buyers of the (let’s face it) poor community.

Things began to get out of hand and before you know it, it was time to figure out a way to place a cap on this ongoing free market.

There first were the threats of police being able to confiscate your computer for random searches. That indeed was frightening for most but as it continued the overall goal would soon be to cancel out the program once and for all. As this was all in progress, we gradually moved forward from CD Players  to MP3 Players. As the new wave of technology excitingly broke the minds and pockets of low ended consumers, Apple was ready to make its way into the swarm, taking over the market by developing these keen exclusive devices which automatically made you cooler then most.

With devine strategic marketing, we slowly caught on to the concept. Everybody was going to need something apple! And in the midst of our inevitable distractions, Limewire was brought to its knees.

Well, now what?

Ding Dong The Witch is Dead!

Artist and all of the music industry rejoiced. Now knowing there’s a savior for their hard work and efforts, the industry is now willingly submissive to the new design of mass music distribution. Developing this partnership restored order back into the likings of the industry creating all things good. So everyone thought!

Fast forwarding back to where we are now. Take a look at Taylor’s open letter below:


Considering all that’s been discussed, after reading that doesn’t it sound a bit like oh idk…


Damn not even a free iPhone??? Now with the  free streaming market being accessible to consumers, potentially (risking knocking out or at least dampening the “download” as a factorible music source) Trillion, & Quadrillion look like achieving numbers for the company within the next decade or so while artist continue to work, move, sing, and….


Reflecting upon the reasons why Tidal may possibly be the choice of reason for supporting musicians. As a music lover, what is your standing argument? Wait, Back it up. You probably don’t know a single soul who doesn’t love some sort of music. Doesn’t matter genre, style, everyone has been effected moved or touched in someway from music. Realizing this, the best lane to ever try and capitalize off of would indefinitely be, Music.

 According to Spotify:

An artist’s royalty payments depend on the following variables, among others:

• In which country people are streaming an artist’s music

• Spotify’s # of paid users as a % of total users; higher % paid, higher “per stream” rate

• Relative premium pricing and currency value in different countries

• An artist’s royalty rate

Recently, these variables have led to an average “per stream” payout to rights holders of between $0.006 and $0.0084. This combines activity across our tiers of service. The effective average “per stream” payout generated by our Premium subscribers is considerably higher.

Meanwhile, reports from Digital Media News

As of May 4th, 2015

Digital Music News published a real royalty statement from a really reliable source showing TIDAL’s per-stream royalty payouts, which averaged $0.0144 (or, 1.44 cents) per stream for an independent label.


We may not be mathematicians but we know when things don’t add up. And as Apple currently stands firm with their plans of business, we can’t help but to wonder what will become of the three mega companies at large.


We’ll be watching!

Job well done Taylor!

-Stay Fly

Lisa Brittany 

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