LeBron James 2015 NBA Finals Memes

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“We ran out of talent” said LeBron James


You can be the biggest LeBron James hater on the planet, but you gotta respect the man and the effort he put forth this NBA Playoffs and Finals. The man gave one of the greatest Herculean efforts we have ever witnessed in NBA history. That didn’t stop the internet for blessing the King with memes downplaying his effort though.

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LeBron James basically took matters into his own hands during the NBA Finals, he played a whopping 275 out 298 minutes, averaged 35.8pts,13.3 rbs and 8.8 asts. A performance for the ages, but it just wasn’t enough. It always seems that sometimes when Bron gets to big dance his co-stars just go missing. With that said the Cavs still managed to win 2 games and gave the Warriors a challenge that many didn’t think they could.

But that’s as far as the admiration goes, let the dragging begin. Bleacher Report got things rolling with two hilarious videos they posted on IG. *Beanz speaking* I’m the biggest LeBron fan ever BUT I had to laugh at them. Peep them below…

@wardell30 gives the @cavs the Stone Cold Stunner! #AndThatsTheBottomLine

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It wasn't easy, but Golden State rode the @warriors Express to the 2015 championship!

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The memes of course followed immediately, one after the other. We hope LeBron stays off his phone till next season cause the electronic fade he is getting right now is serious. Checkout the memes in the gallery below.

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