As you all know, yesterday was North West‘s 2nd birthday and the family celebrated at Disneyland. They also took Nori to see the ‘Frozen’ sing-a-long show. During the show Kanye West happened to catch some Zzz’s while everyone else enjoyed the show.


According to TMZ, a Disney employee caught ‘Ye catching some Zzz’s with a quick pic. Of course like any normal person would, the employee snapped a picture and later posted it on social media captioning it “when you perform for the Kardashian family for North’s birthday…and Kanye sleeps through the whole show.”


Can you blame him? After a long day of chasing a 2 year old around, he found the perfect opportunity to catch some sleep and now he’s paying for it. Next time ‘Ye sit where no can see you.

Source: TMZ

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