Miguel has now teamed up with the legendary Lenny Kravitz on a new track entitled “Face The Sun,” which is from his upcoming album Wildheart. With the pre-order of the exclusive project, Miguel is giving fans an opportunity to have 6 tracks, as soon as, the order is placed.

The 6-tunes available will be: “…goingtohell”, “Coffee”, “face the sun”, “FLESH”, “Hollywood Dreams”, “NWA”. With 3 songs already being in place for listeners to hear, just today, the singer-songwriter has added 3 more songs.

Recently, Miguel gave us a first-look at his tracklisting:

#WILDHEART who’s ready? June 30th

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Take a listen to “face the sun” below:

Will you be purchasing on June 30th? We will!

-Stay Fly!

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