SFPL Exclusive Interview: Sebastian Mikael Talks Chris Brown, Favorite Albums & New Music With SFPL



Fly guy, Sebastian Mikael recently dropped by our studios to chop it up with the Fly People. The Swedish, R&B soul singer chatted with us about his music, his favorite albums and even Chris Brown‘s intruder, step into our videos below and find out why #WeLike Sebastian Mikael.

Chris Brown’s intruder;

[ione_embed src=http://player.theplatform.com/p/BCY3OC/Kv3AaQzuAqID/select/media/TPed8IxjGyL6?form=html service=tvone.com width=612 height=466]


His music, favorite albums and what he considers FLY;

[ione_embed src=http://player.theplatform.com/p/BCY3OC/Kv3AaQzuAqID/select/media/JJdPO3amt58q?form=html service=tvone.com width=612 height=466]



-Stay Fly!

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