Happy Memorial Day: 3 Playlists To Keep The Cookout TURNT UP For HOURS! 



Happy Memorial Day!

Fire up the grill, send your group text messages, get extra FLY in your summertime gear, and turn on your music! Struggling with what to play to keep the cookout turnt up? Thanks to Spotify and SoundCloud we’ve found 3 of the flyest playlists to give you hours of good listening. From 2Pac, Al Green and Maze, to Chris Brown, Fetty Wap and Beyoncé—  we’ve got you covered!

Turn up those loud speakers and have a wonderful and safe holiday!


“Lookout, It’s A Cookout. AKA Ready To Fry” via Spotify



“DJ Spinbad – Old School Memorial Day BBQ Mix” via SoundCloud



“Cookout Music” via Spotify




Let’s not forget the reason for the season, however. Thank you to all of the dedicated soldiers who have given their lives to protect the United States of America. You are #ForeverFLY.


Source: Sporify, SoundCloud


-Stay FLY

[FLY Girl Cherri]


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