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FLY Reviews: ‘Poltergeist’


Last Night in NYC, team SFPL attended a special screening for the remake of the paranormal cult classic Poltergeist hosted by The Breakfast Club’s own Angela Yee.  Is the film worth messing with your nerves and coins though?  Dive into this review




The legendary Sam Raimi teams up with Gil Kenan to re-imagine and contemporize the popular 80’s spook film Poltergeist. Kenan keeps things true to the original in how he introduces us to the family. Eric (Sam Rockwell) and Amy (Rosemary DeWitt) are two parents going through hard times and are doing whatever it takes to support their three kids.

They decide to downsize and find a very distressed but reasonably priced house in a development that’s ironically vacant.  Upon moving in, their youngest daughter Maddy (Kennedi Clements) is excited about the new digs after she has a conversation with her new invisible friends. Their son Griffin (Kyle Catlett) is the anxiety prone middle child, he has his doubts about his new home especially the creepy tree right next to it. Their teenage daughter  Kendra (Saxon Sharbino) of course being a teenager isn’t excited to leave her old life behind.

_grd01.086405 – Madison Bowen (Kennedi Clements) discovers apparitions that have invaded her family’s home.

It doesn’t take long for things to  get weird inside their new home at all.Griffin discovers his baby sister downstairs talking to the television. She warns her brother that “they’re here” referring to her new friends the “lost people”.

_grd01.086401L – A child’s’ toy takes on terrifying dimensions when apparitions invade a family’s home.

Griffin already not too thrilled about his new home after noticing objects moving around the house by themselves and finding a box of creepy clown dolls. His parents downplay his fear and attribute it to his anxiety, it’s not until they learn some disturbing facts about their new home while at dinner at a neighbors do they realize they may be in trouble.

They rush home to see their kids have had a terrible encounter with the unwanted guests in their new home. Maddy has gone missing, her parent’s decide to seek help after they speak to Maddy through the television. Help comes in form of Dr. Claire Powell (Jane Adams) from the Department of Paranormal Research at Amy’s old s university. Claire and her team set up in the Powell’s home and assist them in finding Maddy. She determines the poltergeist has abducted Maddy and they have to access the in-between world to save to Maddy before she heads towards the light.


Powell realizes she’s gonna have to call in the big guns and enlists help of a medium TV Host Carrigan Burke (Jared Harris).


Folks who have seen the original movie will notice they updated the original character played by Zelda Rubenstein. They even managed to make light of her famous saying “this house is clean” in the remake.


That’s when the battle between the Bowens and the poltergeist reaches it pinnacle. Kenan manages instill things from the original and update them very nicely. 3D since it’s resurgence in the movie world usually comes with mix feelings. Poltergeist manages to use the 3D effect to enhance the jump scares throughout the film. Poltergeist isn’t a perfect movie, but it is a good remake and does the original justice. It does have the potential to revive the franchise since the original did generate two sequels.  The scares are not on the level of Insidious or Sinister, but there will be a scene or two that will generate screams. Poltergeist is in theaters now!

Rating: 3 out 5

Images via: Johnny Nunez

Production Companies: Fox 2000 Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, Ghost House Pictures, Vertigo Entertainment

Director: Gil Kenan

Cast: Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jared Harris, Jane Adam, Saxon Sharbino, Kyle Calett, Kennedi Clements


By Bernard Smalls (@PhotosByBeanz)

Photographer, Entertainment Editor for Stuff Fly People Like, Tech/Video Games Writer for Hip-Hop Wired and Men's Lifestyle & Pop Culture Writer iOne Digital.

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