Stephen Curry and Riley Curry

Postgame interviews after NBA games or well for any sport for the most part are usually boring and filled with mechanical answers. Sometimes random acts of greatness do happen during them, last night 2-year-old Riley Curry was the MVP during her dad NBA MVP, sharp shooter Steph Curry’s postgame interview.


Riley was clearly not here for what dad had to say and instantly took over the postgame interview. She playfully yawned and told her dad his he was too loud. The good folks at the NBA knew how magical the moment was and instantly threw it up on their Instagram account, watch the video below.

Riley Curry on the 🎤! #NBAPlayoffs

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She's the real MVP.

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Riley Curry

Riley is just too cute,this isn’t the first time a NBA star’s kid has stolen the show during a postgame interview. We hope this is a trend that continues cause we love it. Peep some other times kids took the attention from their dad’s during postgame interviews in the gallery below.

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