Azealia Banks DIsses MTV

Hurricane Azealia Banks is back and this time she has her sights aimed at the BET Awards, Nicki Minaj and the “Urban Media”. Never one to bite her tongue, or mince her words the “ATM Jam” rapper comes for the awards show calling them bogus and at the same time slightly dissing Nicki Minaj.


Azealia isn’t here for BET nominating her for a BET Award, Nicki Minaj winning it every year and the way her rants are reported and she let the network, Nicki and “urban media” know via her twitter account. Peep the tweets below.


Now we do agree with her as far the best female rap artist award, it is a running gag now. BUT Azealia just appreciate the fact you are being recognized and nominated period. Also you constantly give urban media the ammo they need for stories when you go off on rant’s like today. Oh and yes what you said about Nicki was definitely suspect, how else can it be interpreted? It definitely wasn’t praise at all. I hope you ready for the barbz to be all in your mentions. It would be interesting if Nicki actually entertained in classic Nicki fashion. We shall see.

Do you think Azealia has a point? Were her comments about Nicki out of line? Or were they justified?

Sound-off below.

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