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Last night in NYC Snoop Dogg sat down with Ebro and Vanessa from Hot 97 to chat about his new album

Bush, released on May 12th. Jamming to his hits from the 90’s to today, the interview starts off with Snoop lighting a fat blunt from Ebro, with Ciroc and Cranberry as his drink of choice. Yup, you read that correctly. No Gin and juice for him!

Snoop Dogg Hot 97 Listening Lounge

As the room filled with smoke, the audience included,  Snoop jumps straight into it by introducing us to his new album and letting everyone know that Pharrell Williams came up with the title during a late night session in the studio.

“Pharrell came up with the title. I was in the studio doing what I do, and he don’t do what I do, but what I do affects him ’cause he in the studio with me and he said, ‘man you need to call your album Bush’. I didn’t even ask him why. I was like well thats what it is.”



Snoop Dogg and Pharrell in 2006

He then jumps into talking about police brutality and how its effected him over the years.

“You understand what they been through, as far as being harassed by police and being brutalized and tortured and didn’t have no cameras then. I got beat up by the police, there was never a camera there and it just so happens that they didn’t kill me, but I felt like I could have been one of those guys, just for the simple fact that, that’s how some of these police officers are trained to go. They don’t ask no questions, they go.”


Dishing more about whats going on more recently with the riots in Baltimore, he says:

“Once the people feel like we been wronged, it’s a universal feeling no matter where you from or what color you are. People riot out there. It’s not just black people marching, its people marching in Baltimore that feel like they been wronged and that what it’s about; the movement not a racial war, but a movement on what’s right and what’s wrong,”

FLY News: Riots Break Out In Baltimore On The Day of Freddie Gray’s Funeral!

We feel you, Uncle Snoop! At 43 years old Snoop Dogg is still killing the game with this album being his 13th studio project, it features Pharrell Williams, Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Gwen Stafani, Uncle Charlie (Charlie Wilson) and more. Its definitely worth a listen!


Bonus: Snoop Dogg reveals that the best weed is from Northern Cali and Afghanistan!


Peep more images from the night below…

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 -Stay FLY

Images Via: @CreativeWeirdo/SOB’s

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