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Gommi Arcade

It was the year 2145 A.D. when Zak of Gommi Arcade decided to bless the world with a twist in storytelling. Stuff Fly People Like got the chance to sit down with the chief creative officer Zak Hoke. Gommi Arcade is a trans-media entertainment company/multimedia brand specializing in interactive storytelling and cross-platform audience engagement through fashion, animation and video game production based on the story of our main character.

Gommi Arcade

On where the name Gommi Arcade stem from:

Zak: I’ve never subscribed to the notion of “playing the game” to get ahead in life as it relates to school, work and politics. So, early on, I decided not to “play the game” and to live my life beyond the rules and limitations set by those in society afraid to follow their dreams.

Since I have an affinity for Japanese Otaku culture, I took the word Gomi, with one “m”, meaning trash in Japanese and the English “Arcade” as in video gaming, and created a mash-up with GOMMI ARCADE, to mean “trash the game” and live your life through creative freedom.

Gommi Arcade
The Story Line: 
Zak: In the dystopian future of 2145 Gommi Arcadian, a shy teenage prodigy, discovers a mysterious mask that helps him uncover the truth about his world and his role in the imminent battle to free its citizens from the clutches of an elite shadow army led by the relentless ruler Mr Mimic.
Gommi Arcade
(Pictured Above: Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne The God rocking a Gommi Arcade Tee)
On the creative process in designing and building such a character:
Zak: The story was born with me and the desire to tell it was inspired by moments in my life where I was exposed to similar creative threads and trains of thought. Growing up watching Star Wars, Akira, Ghost in the Shell and listening to Public Enemy, The Clash, Massive Attack and now Kayne West have all impacted me in ways that I’m still discovering. But the creative process is all about tapping into your truth and expressing it in a way that’s genuine and authentic.
Gommi Arcade
On what’s next for Gommi Arcade: 
Continuing to rollout seasonal capsule collections, animated short films, video game apps, comic books, music and whatever our fans say they want from us.
Gommi ArcadeOn how we can keep up with Gommi Arcade: 
Zak: Watch, Play or Wear GOMMI ARCADE by logging on to: www.GommiArcade.com and follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @GommiArcade
Check out their most recent trailer ‘Episode II – “Introducing S.T.A.R. Academy”‘
– Stay Fly
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