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6 Couples Who Removed Their Tattoos After Breakups

“Tat my name on you girl so I know it’s real”,  those were the words of Toronto MC Drake. Getting the name of your significant other tattooed on you is considered a huge no no, but yet so many people are willing to take the risk for love. Celebs  have seem to go that route just to show how much they love one another on numerous occasions.

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Tyga is currently in a war of words with his ex Blac Chyna after he professed his love for Kylie Jenner. A picture of Tyga has surfaced with new fresh tat of Kylie’s name on his inner arm.


After months of dating? The love must be soooooooo real between them.

Yes we get it, it can be the ultimate display of affection. What person wouldn’t beam at the fact their boo got their name permanently etched on them. Tattoo’s can be forever but unfortunately love isn’t and these celebs ex couples learned this the hard way. Hit the gallery below to see what celebs didn’t think before they got inked.

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