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Furious 8? Yup you heard correctly, it’s happening, Vin Diesel confirmed the eighth installment in the uber popular film franchise. uF9MjJo3QIaijySXC4iL_Confused Christian Bale

Furious 7 has grossed over a billion dollars, which is absolutely amazing making it the seventh highest-grossing film of all time. Fast 7 also broke records in China having the highest grossing opening in their box office history with $250 million. Hell the soundtrack even made history with Wiz Khalifa’s touching tribute track to Paul WalkerSee You Again” featuring Charlie Puth reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

So we can understand why they feel the need for an 8th film, and it comes as no surprise. The official Fast and Furious twitter account  even confirmed Diesel’s announcement of an 8th film.

BUT we have a few questions.

  1. In all honesty Walker’s death played a large role in Furious 7’s large success. People watched to see how the film would handle his tragic passing and to see how they would send him off.  Now that he’s gone and he is one of the film’s popular characters how will this work?
  2. *Spoiler* The way Furious 7 ended, it did leave the door open for a whole new spin on the franchise. So how will the old the cast still fit in?
  3. Isn’t this overkill? Shouldn’t they just take the huge victory that is Furious 7?

The film is still two years away but we are looking forward to learning more details leak about the film as production begins. We are sure of one thing the film will make waves when it hits theaters April 14th,2017.

Are you excited about the news of an 8 Fast and Furious film? Or should they have stopped at 7 let us know in the comment section.

*Bonus* Hit the gallery to see movie franchises which suffered from franchise overkill in the gallery below.

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