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Headed Back To Jail?: Mendeecees Pleads Guilty To Drug Trafficking 

Mendeecees Pleads Guilty
(Photo: Jamie Germano/@jgermano1/ / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)



Could Mendeecees be going back to jail? On Tuesday afternoon in federal court, the VH1 reality star plead guilty to drug trafficking charges.

A situation that has us on edge! According to Mendeecees plead guilty to a narcotics conspiracy admitting he was involved in a drug trafficking operation during the 2005 and 2012 shipping off cocaine and heroin to Rochester. The demorcratandchronicle reported:

During the appearance, Harris admitted he was involved in a drug trafficking operation that between 2005 and 2012 shipped cocaine and heroin to the Rochester region.

Under an agreement with federal prosecutors, Harris also turns over money from his television show and paid appearances. He’s paid after every episode airs. That money, which the federal government will keep, has totaled more than $103,000, said his attorney Donald Thompson.

Harris, who is free on a $600,000 bail package, will face a sentence of 8 to 10 years in federal prison and/or a fine ranging from $15,000 to $5 million. He will also face four or five years of supervised release, Thompson said.

Harris’ co-defendants Ronald Walker, and Mendeecees Harris’ brother Tyrus Harris, previously pleaded guilty to their roles in the case. Walker is serving 10 years in federal prison.

Geraci agreed to allow Mendeecees Harris to remain free on bail until his sentencing, which is scheduled for Aug. 31 at 3 p.m.

With the ruling of these allegations pending, we can’t help but wonder what will become of his family. 

Mendeecees Pleads Guilty

With the ruling of these allegations pending, we can’t help but wonder what will become of his family.  Mendeecees Pleads Guilty

Just two weeks ago, fiancée Yandy Smith posted this picture of the couple with their latest addition to the family:

Mendeecees Pleads Guilty

We’re happy when they’re happy! Hoping all works out well for these two love birds. And with the wedding speeding around the corner…

Mendeecees Pleads Guilty

We hope this situation comes to resolution not involving Mendeecees heading back to jail. It would be a shame, we will be closely monitoring the situation.

– Stay Fly

Lisa Brittany

Source: DemocratandChronicle

Images via: Instagram

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